November 10, 2022 12:45 PM

Pre-exposure prophylaxis medication, more commonly known as PrEP, is a medication that’s up to 99 percent effective at preventing HIV. All Tulane University employees, students, residents and fellows, along with family members and partners of Tulanians can now access PrEP through a new telehealth service developed by Tulane University Medical Group.

The new TelePrEP service will allow members of the Tulane community to consult confidentially with a licensed provider and have PrEP delivered to their home, or arrange for pickup on campus or at a nearby drugstore. For most patients, PrEP is available at no charge.

“PrEP is effective at preventing HIV, but many people who could benefit from PrEP aren’t receiving it now,” said Allison Cormier, MD, assistant professor of medicine and director of Tulane Total Health Clinic. “Telemedicine can be an important tool in making PrEP and HIV prevention more convenient and accessible.”

TelePrep service removes barriers that many people face when starting and continuing PrEP treatment, including the time it takes to visit a doctor and privacy concerns. This program is an extension of the existing in-person PrEP Clinic at Tulane’s Ruth U. Fertel/Tulane Community Health Center.

“TelePrEP can eliminate doctor’s office visits and provide patients with a fully private platform to meet with their provider. It’s a judgment-free zone designed with the patient experience in mind,” said Cormier.

TelePrEP is the latest expansion of Tulane’s telehealth offerings designed to better meet the needs of the Tulane community, while working to end the HIV epidemic in the New Orleans area.

To make an appointment for TelePrEP, call the clinic at 504-988-3002.

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